I just decided to.

If there was a word to describe my state of being 85% of the time, it would be impatient. Even though this is the case, I can also be known to procrastinate. I know, I sound crazy right? That's another word.

So many times I have wanted to start a business and most of these times I was stuck in my procrastinating world.

The reason this happened so often was fear.

Fear of failure, fear of not living up to my own expectations, fear of leaving my dream bubble where I could romanticise about launching a business that was successful and everything was unicorns and rainbows.

Just general fear.

7 months ago, this changed. I was going to start a business.

You know why? I just decided to.

I was so sick of waiting.

What was I actually waiting for? To not be fearful? That was never going to happen.

To have an endless amount of income to play with? Yeah, no.

To have all the information I would ever need? Absolutely not. To feel ready? I would have been waiting forever.

So the fight between impatience and fear was won by impatience....in a knock out.

There are skills we all need to learn, I have a laundry list of them. but I do truly believe there is something in changing your view on who you are and using your predisposed state to your advantage.

For example, I am quite passionate, this can lead me to get very frustrated and angry, often. This doesn't really work in the office, but it makes for an incredible workout in the gym. For me, an angry workout is the best workout.

I lift heavier, I push harder, I don't leave until I feel exhausted and peaceful again.

Because of this, I fell in love with the gym, it became my lifeblood but that may not have happened for me unless I had the frustration and anger to release.

So I am intent on changing my perspective, on using my make-up to my advantage.

My lack of patience drove me to pursue on my dream.

That is always a good idea.



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