For Bondi.

Bondi Beach.

A world renowned beach that is so famous it's even had a hair salon in Ireland named after it - Blonde-Dye-Bleach. I'm not kidding, look it up. Its Genius.

I moved to Sydney from Melbourne 9 years ago and still, to this day, I feel so special when I visit this gorgeous place.

Golden sand and deep blue water with secrets to share is overlooked by bars, cafes and of course, a doughnut shop.

There are many beaches in Sydney and if you ask a local they will give you a list of their own hot spots that rival Bondi, and yes, they come close, yes they hold their own beauty but they just don't quite wear the Australian sun like Bondi.

Inspired by this natural beauty, I created the Bondi set.

She is sleek, matte black and moody with gold highlights that shimmer in the sunlight.

Her classic clean lines exude timeless style, her cut will suit any shape and just like this alluring beach, she will forever remain effortlessly cool.

She is wild, she is Bondi.



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