A travellers heart.

June 12, 2017




The lust for travel is ever present for me. 

To visit far reaches of the world where exotic languages are spoken, thousand year monuments stand and life bustles around you for the locals who call it home.

Nothing makes you realise how truly vast this world is and how small we are in it.

That feeling is truly seductive.


The frequent day dreams of walking along white sandy beaches with blue skies above, the ocean lapping at your heels while you explore the shoreline.

I think we all have a traveller inside of us who yearns to see the world.


The centre of my dream today  was not very far away, just north to Whitehaven beach, lets Xplore.


Pure white sand along an ever-stretching beach, Whitehaven is the largest island in the Whitsundays and is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Warm, crystal clear water invites you into the ocean where you float under the warm embrace of the golden Australian sun.

It is a slice of paradise.


This has been a dream destination of mine for years and is my inspiration for the first bikini in the XPLORE range, the Whitehaven.


With a high waist cut, matte white Italian lycra with rose gold hardware, this set is for the purists.




Photo credit http://lostwaldo.com/the-25-most-beautiful-places-on-earth





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