One Word.

One word to describe what wearing swimwear feels like to me.

I have about 387 but I am going to try to narrow it down to one...hopefully.


Wearing swimwear can make me feel almost naked.

That can be amazing or terrifying, depending on my mindset.


When everything is just clicking, hair, body, bikini is fitting just right - It takes everything in me not to run in slow motion down the beach.


Some of the most iconic scenes from movies have featured powerful women in bikinis.

Princess Leia - Star Wars

Bo Derek - 10

Halle Berry - Die Another Day

Raquel Welch - One Million Years BC

The list goes on and on but these women conjure up feelings of immense power in me.


Some days I am looking for the cameras on the beach because I feel like I'm ready for my Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition shoot (side note: they never show up)

Whatever the hell I want

Wearing my bikini makes me feel all of the above at different times, the point is, when you wear swimwear you should feel free, comfortable, sexy, powerful, a little naked but most of all, you should feel like you.

Maybe a sexier you, or a happier you or even a more daring you, but always you.

Turns out I needed 5 words.

Whats your word?



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