Inspired by the beauty of a world travelled.

Travel has been and forever will be a huge part of my life. There's nothing like being on the other side of the world, hearing spoken languages you don't understand to make you realise not only how incredibly vast the world is, but how small we are in it. I adore it. The feeling of being truly alive.

Each piece in this range is inspired by, what I consider to be the best beaches in the world.


The Bondi set is matte black with bronze highlights. This set walks the edge with classic lines and a modern fit.

It's effortlessly sexy with a dash of wild - its Bondi.


The Rio set is inspired by all the beautiful beaches this city boasts. Deep red and built to be seen, this set is hot, for those who like a little spice.

St Barths

Inspired by the warm blue waters of St Barths. Metallic steel blue with cut outs in all the right places, this set has a true cheeky side.


Straight from Puerto Rico, this set flaunts it.

With deep magenta Italian lycra that alluringly wraps around curves, the Flamenco is all style with a hit of sass.


Deliciously bright and fun this set is all things Miami. A beautiful shade of pink that complements a timeless cut.


True paradise is white sand and crystal clear water, its Whitehaven.

A high waist, matte white Italian lycra with rose gold hardware, this set exudes class.


My burnt amber dream. A hot sun, a deep tan and an endless beach.

The colour is undeniably heavenly with a cut that works for everyone.


Luxurious beaches with a rugged backdrop, Capri has inspired our premier one piece.

White marble with rose gold highlights, is there anything more to say?

XPLORE - launching December 17



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