The Non-Negotiables.

May 20, 2017


I know thats not an actual word,  'Negotiables' but its fitting so I'm keeping it.


When I decided to create LX SWIM (on a long 8 hour drive from Melbourne to Sydney) there were 3 anchors that were absolutely non-negotiable - without them the business just wouldn't be me.


*Give back 

*Made in Australia

*Impeccable Fit


Giving Back


Brooklyn and Jaxon inspired this - No, not the New York borough or Jax Teller from S.O.A (not going to lie, I did name Jaxon after him) my gorgeous dogs that I adopted from the pound and saved from being euthanised.


They are my heart and soul and I truly believe everyone should Adopt not Shop, thats why a percentage of all sales will be donated to an Australian Animal charity that find loving homes for dogs on death row in pounds across Australia.  


Australian Made


It's so important to me for my brand to be all things Australian - I love this country and it boasts some of the best beaches in the world, hence, we know a thing or two about bikinis.

As we speak my LX SWIM bikinis and swimsuits are lovingly being manufactured in Brisbane, Australia.


Impeccable Fit


When a woman wears swimwear she should feel like a queen. Beautiful, sexy and most of all comfortable.

We've all had the experience of coming out of the water after a swim with one or two body parts that have popped out to say just me? that's awkward.


Every woman should feel like a goddess in an LX SWIM design and I will do everything I can to ensure it.


P.S Sneak peak of my designs coming next week - stay tuned 






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