Just Start.

I have wanted to start, own and run a business since I could walk.

Growing up, little girls in my primary school playground played "families" with a mum, a dad and some kids. They would act out the day to day of being in a family.

I played the "business" game - I ran a mini empire.

Even my barbies had businesses. They were rich, drove nice cars, went to work in killer outfits (some I made myself) and most importantly, dominated.

They were powerful, hard, boss babes that didn't tolerate mediocrity - Pretty fierce for a Barbie hey?

It's something that's always been within me and there have been many points throughout the years I have come very close to making the jump and starting a business, though I haven't until now because of fear.

No one wants to fail, no one plans to fail, if there was a guarantee that you would succeed, everyone would do it but not everyone should.

This year I decided to launch a swimwear label called LX SWIM. I am still scared, have moments of doubt (multiple times per hour) and have become a champion over-thinker but my hunger far surpasses my fear.

Something in my bones tells me I must do this, even if it fails, I absolutely, unequivocally must do this.

So I am.

I want to share everything with you - this is new for me and no matter what happens, its going to be exciting.

Stay tuned x


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