Giving Back


"Whoever saves a life, saves the world entire." - The Talmud


When you purchase an LX SWIM design you are helping save Australian cats and dogs from being euthanised in pounds and re-homed to loving families across Australia.

A percentage of all sales will be donated to Second Chance Animal Rescue.


My beautiful dogs were both adopted from rescue organisations and have only strengthened my belief that everyone should Adopt not Shop,


I am so proud to be partnering with Second Chance Animal Rescue and am forever grateful that we have the chance to help an organisation that does so much more than save the lives of dogs and cats in need.



Second Chance Animal Rescue

Second Chance is the animal rescue shelter that does much more than save the lives of many in need of refuge.

S.C.A.R rehabilitate, nurture, LOVE and focus on rebuilding the health of these animals before finding their forever home.


It’s matchmaking of the animal variety.


Second Chance, where people come to find their furry soulmate.